Past Projects 

Major projects (most video related) between 1981 and 1995
Some magazine articles about some of these projects are here: Articles

  • Commercial insertion equipment for Warner Cable (article in Oct. 83 Broadcast Engineering)
  • Automated equipment testing design and proposal for Warner Cable using Tektronix Answer and HP Basic
  • Control and testing device for Vital SqueeZoom digital video effects unit
  • Control and alignment software for Grass Valley Group model 300 video production switcher
  • Improvement and subsequent worldwide support for Mach One videotape editing systems. Supported about 30 clients, many international, since 1984. The Mach One was a real-time PDP-11 device programmed in assembler to control multiple devices. Ported to Turbo Pascal in 1992.
  • Custom programs, installation, and artist training for the Cubicomp 3D graphics system (article in Winter 85-86 Video Graphics and Effects, also Dec 85 VideoPro)
  • Several frame-by-frame animation controllers to record 3D animations on videotape
  • Five different control products for Hubcom (whose main business was SNG trucks but that was shut down in the fall of 1988) using 87C51 board set of which I designed the hardware, software, and documentation
  • Touch screen drawing device (similar to a Telestrator) for F&F Productions
  • Monitor labeling system for F&F Productions' remote trucks
  • Custom hardware & software for Home Shopping Network to interface a mainframe to a CG
  • Multiple session communication program for CBS Sports using Crosstalk Mk.4
  • Development of a system to personalize VHS sales tapes for SOS Productions
  • Designed and implemented several custom products and programs for SOS Productions
  • Custom hardware interface card for IBM-PC using 8742

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